summer is almost over

…but the heat wave sure isn’t!

Here in Waterloo the temperatures soared to about 90F this weekend and I found myself in a bit of a predicament as the tank temperature slowly climbed from 70F to a whopping 78F in a couple days time. For those of you who own cold water fish you can surely understand my distress as the tank reached tropical fish temperatures that I was worried for Mango’s wellbeing.

Of course a week ago back when the temperatures outside were normal and cool I didn’t think anything of the fact that our air conditioner broke. It was the last week of summer after all and I thought the heat had finally left for the year. I was obviously wrong.

Goldfish can live in a wide range of temperatures from waters just above freezing to 85F tropical temperatures. That being said, I would always like to keep my tank’s temperature at an optimal level to make sure Mango is happy and healthy.

Since Mango has been my first cold water fish I was unsure of what to do to keep the tank cool and vented. I owned no fans and my window had been set wide open for any little amounts of air circulation I could get from outside. When problems like this arise I go back to Koko’s Goldfish Forum for help. I did get some excellent advice on how to combat heat waves from members who live in hotter climates than I do.

Here was the solution:

The tank lid was left open, the lights had been turned off and the curtains have been drawn. I was told and would like to pass on the good word on how you too can cool your tank down.

Firstly unless you have LED lights on your tank, turn them off. Light produces unnecessary heat that will only add to the problem in your tank.

Secondly open your tank lid. I was told open lids increase water evaporation (much like splashing filter outlets do) The more surface agitation the more evaporation and oxygenation you will have. This brings me to my third point below.

Because warmer water holds less oxygen than colder water does you want to maximise the amount of oxygen touching the surface area of your water. Make sure that you have an air stone attached to an air pump, set it on a high setting.

Hope this helps your goldfish stay cool for the summer!


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2 responses to “summer is almost over”

  1. mylifewithbpd says :

    I here ya, when I had my marine tank, I went out and bought a window a/c unit for my apartment so I could keep the place cooler, I couldn’t turn off the lights due to the corals, and the lights produced a boat load of heat. One thing i used to do for goldfish was freeze 2 liter bottles of water, and had more in the freezer then food, and would put one in, no water gets in the bank, but the cold keeps the temps down a bit.

    • artsygoldfish says :

      That’s honestly a great idea to keep the water cool 🙂 If I were home more often than I currently am I would definitely put that much effort to keep the water temp from fluctuating that much. Since I’m not home to monitor it though, I just make sure there is plenty of surface agitation and lots of gas exchange through the air stone and open lid! (I admit I’m not a fan of the hard water stains on my lid that’s happening, but it’s a small price to pay!!!)

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