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Today I’m rather happy to announce I have ordered a new arsenal of nutritious and high quality food for Mango! I’ve finally gotten my hands on the holy grail of goldfish food: ProGold! I’ve also taken the liberty of ordering Repashy Soilent Green which is a gel food that has gotten some really great reviews from a lot of goldfish owners and it’s nice not to have to worry about the amount of nutrition Mango is getting. I will write about the foods when I get them!

It’s vital that a growing juvenile goldfish gets proper nutrition while it is young. Nutrition from an early age greatly affects the size and health of an adult. As most of you know, goldfish are omnivores. They require vegetable matter and protein to keep a strong immune system and maintain their overall health.

To give a bit of background of things you may want to feed your fish I’ll briefly touch base on some basics for beginners. If you haven’t already picked up a high quality sinking pellet, two of the best brands you can get is ProGold and Saki Hikari. Do not feed your goldfish flakes. They don’t carry enough nutrition. Flakes also cause floating problems due to the fact that your goldfish swims to the surface and gulps air as it eats. Make sure that you pre soak your pellets before adding it to the tank as pellets do expand considerably and can also cause floating issues. You’ll want your pellets to become your staple food and build up from there.

Goldfish also need vegetable matter. You’ll want to feed them colourful vegetables with much nutrition and fibre. Spinach is a great vegetable you can attach onto a clip. Other things you may want to consider feeding your fish would be cucumber, zucchini, carrot, peas, broccoli (sparingly because it causes gas), and bell pepper.

As with all vegetables they will need to be softened in order for your fish to be able to eat pieces of it. Blanche your food. Cook it in boiling water for 30-40 seconds and then shock it in cold water. This will considerably soften your food without cooking out too much of the beneficial nutrition. Big leafy items can be put on a food clip which can be purchased at any pet store that carries aquarium supplies. Tougher vegetables can be cut into smaller, bite-sized pieces.

Peas have to be prepared different. This is one of the best super foods you can have in your arsenal. Peas work like laxatives for fish. They will help prevent floating issues and are nutritious. Do not feed your fish peas with a high salt content. Buy your peas frozen. To prepare these I generally de-shell the pea and chop finely into bite sized pieces in the tank. Do feed these to your fish once a week.

Aside from this you can also cook custom food for your goldfish. There are plenty of gel food recipies you can try on koko’s goldfish forum. A lot of aquarists like cooking gel food because they have control of the ingredients put into their tanks. There will be little to no preservatives or fillers which can harm your fish. All recipes will need adjusting to your fish’s individual needs but once you complete that process the benefits are worth the trouble. Gel food can be frozen and stored up to a year. Only thaw out a three day supply of food in the fridge otherwise it will spoil.

With all this in mind I have created what I feel is an effective feeding schedule that will guarantee seeing some growth for a young fish. Keep in mind it’s better to have a higher protein ratio for growing fish. Since Mango is still a baby this is his feeding schedule. He gets 2 or 4 feedings a day depending on my availability at home.

pellets & gel food

pellets & vegetable

pellets & peas

pellets & gel food

pellets & vegetable

pellets & gel food

pellets & vegetable

So to end off this entry I’d like to leave you all with two small videos of Mango to enjoy. The first is an old one I recorded of him enjoying my home cooked gel food. The second video just kind of shows the small amount of growth he’s made. I’m going to invest in a scale to weigh him. Until then I’ll keep enjoying his incredibly cute antics!



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