mango’s progress

Today I’d like to update everyone on Mango’s growth! It’s been a short 3 months since I got my loveable Ranchu! (Yes, I recently discovered he is not a lionhead, but a ranchu goldfish!)

Although looking at him now and realizing he’s still pretty small, I am happy to announce that the high quality food has affected him in some really good ways! There is growth! Not only growth in his over all body mass, but he has gained more muscle and his hood is considerably larger and more noticeable!

Aside from his absolutely fantastic change from day one and good health, his high quality food has also caused a great colour change in his body! Colour enhancing formulas have caused my ranchu to grow yellow patches on his sides and belly. Now he’s got 4 different shades on his body. Deep orange, light orange (an old injury that caused him to lose and regrow scales at a different colour than the rest of his body) white and yellow can now be seen on him!

In light of his recent colour changes I bring everyone some update photos!


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