Dropsy: Mango’s fight

So as I have stated before in a previous entry Mango has mysteriously come down with dropsy. Although I had done an epsom treatment on my little guy it seems it hasn’t been enough to rid him of his problem and it has worsened. It’s very rare that a fish with the beginning symtoms of dropsy will be cured just by epsom, in most cases it will need medical intervention.

As you see from the picture here he is almost in full bloat:

It does break my heart to see such a young fish suffer like this.

Over at Koko’s a wonderful person has offered to ship me some metro-meds (which is a metronidazole enhanced food to feed your fish). I’m still anticipating it nervously in the mail but unfortunately days count and so with a lot of searching at my local fish stores I haven’t been able to find metronidazole for sale on shelves. It was by chance a fish store employee generously offered me some from the back room for the sake of helping my fish and so with the help from those lovely people at Koko’s Goldfish I have concocted a medication to keep Mango from getting worse.

Now I just need to feed this food to him according to his weight! Mango is a hefty 15 grams of pure fishy muscle! (bad joke, I know!)

I have also purchased Garlic Guard for it’s anti becterial and anti parasitical properties and have decided to soak his food in it once a week as a new regimen.

As a side note I have also purchased a new ammonia kit (as I had finally run out) and new suction cups for my heater since my previous ones broke!

Please keep your fingers and fins crossed for Mango and his fight against dropsy!


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