Dropsy: Mango’s Fight. Part Two.

Here is an update on Mango’s fight.

I have in fact been sent a small bottle of Metro Meds from a wonderful member in Koko’s Goldfish Forum. Of course I am so greatful that someone had taken the time to ship this to me, especially when I have been so broke lately!

Mango is still active, and he still eats but at the same time, my poor little guy is getting more and more ill and I’m starting to wonder if the Metro Meds are taking any effect.

For the hefty 15 grams that Mango weighs, he’s consuming 8 pellets of medication daily soaked in garlic guard. I’m cleaning his tank daily and trying to keep him as stress free as possible. His pine-coning has gotten visibly worse, he’s lost scales and now has blisters. Poor Mango is also darting, hiding and sadly hanging out near the bubble curtain. I am worried! But I will continue to treat him and make him comfortable until he either gets all better or gives up on living.

Pine-coning is now visible from the sides…

Mango now has blisters where he lost his scales…

Keep your fingers and fins crossed for him please!


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2 responses to “Dropsy: Mango’s Fight. Part Two.”

  1. Lisa says :

    =( Hang in there lil’ Mango!! *fingers crossed* Wishing you all the best Laura & Mango.

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