About Mango

Mango is a lionhead goldfish. He caught Laura’s attention at a local pet smart one day when she was shopping and it was love at first sight. He was shy and a little scared at first but after a few days he warmed up to her quite a lot. Every morning he rushes to the front of his tank to tell her good morning and every night he sleeps in her room in a cozy and well kept tank. Laura loves this little guy a lot!

Like most goldfish, Mango is an omnivore and enjoys a good proteine filled pellet as well as vegetables. He also likes Laura’s cooking. He is currently being fed Hikari pellets as a staple food, vegetables three times a week and home made gel food!

About Mango’s Home

Mango lives in a cushy 20 gallon tank which gives him a lot of space to play in. His home has no gravel, which makes it easy to maintain and stay exceptionally clean. This fishy’s filtration includes two AquaClear filters; an AC70 and an AC20. Coupled together his tank’s water is cycled through at a rate of 400 gallons per hour.

Mango’s home also includes an air curtain and an airstone powered by a Tetra Whisper 40. Because this fish lives in Canada where temperature fluctuates his tank also includes a submersible heater! Mango loves his home!

About Mango’s Owner

My name is Laura and I’m a goldfish enthusiast! The love for these golden fish all started the day I brought home a black moor from the pet store as an impulse buy. Being misinformed on what these lovely creatures require in order to thrive I have since then been researching and trying to rear my own lionhead from juvenile to full grown adult. I invite you to share in my experiences as a new aquarist through this blog!!