Care & Maintenance

Cleaning your tank is extremely important and vital in keeping your goldfish happy and healthy. It’s important that it’s done on a timely manner, mainly every 5-7 days depending on how often you can manage. Generally the rule of thumb is to aim for a 80-90% waterchange within this time frame. This ensures the water quality is crystal clean, there isn’t a build up of nitrates, nitrites or ammonia and that the goldfish waste is removed from your tank.

Supplies you will need to clean your tank include the following:

• A fresh water testing kit
This is very important for you to have. It’s vital for you to test your water once a week to make sure there are no sudden changes in your water quality that could affect the health of your aquarium and the fish living in it.

• A record book for water parameters, injuries and treatments.
Always keep a record of your  water parameters. It’s important you have a history of your tank’s and fish’s health. Make sure you also include any injuries your fish has acquired, medications you have treated your fish with,  and any addition of new fish to your aquarium.

• A magnetic glass cleaner
This is important in order to keep algae growth to a minimum in your tank.

• A bucket (unless you are using a python with sink adaptor)
This is to put your used tank water in while draining it from your aquarium as well as to carry clean water back to replace it with.

• A scrubbing brush for ornaments and filter intakes
Filter intakes can get clogged. Make sure you regularly scrub them to keep them clear of debris. It’s also a good idea to scrub your ornaments to make sure they are free of sludge or gunk that may build up over time.

• Water conditioner (Particularly SeaChem’s Prime)
Not only will this detoxify chlorine and chloramine from your water but it will also neutralize ammonia. This is incredibly important!

• A gravel cleaner/ vacuum
To suck the waste from your tank.

• A mesh or net to cover your gavel cleaner
Too many accidents happen where people will not pay attention to draining their tank, their goldfish wanders too close and gets sucked in. This can cause injury and death so it’s better to play it safe and completely remove the chance of your fish getting injured due to a water change.



While changing your goldfish’s water here is a small checklist for you to do.

• Check your water parameters and record them.
• Scrub your tank walls BEFORE you add new water in, this way the detritus that gets dislodged from your tank can be removed.
• scrub your filter intakes and decorations before removing water for the same reason as stated above.
• Clean your air stones, suction cups and tubing with a clean, never used sponge or filter floss.
• Remove 80-90% of the water in your tank. If you do not have a filter extension tube shut off your filter. Make sure you shut off your heater prior to removing water. Shut off your lights for safety. Never keep your hand in the water while unplugging something, you could be electrocuted.
• Using your gravel cleaner or python vacuum your tank well. If you have substrate clean it thoroughly. Make sure you remove all the waste visible from your tank.
• Treat your new water with prime before placing it back into the tank. Try and match your water temperature to as close to the tank’s as possible. You may use your hand or a thermometer.
• Clean your tank’s glass on the outside with a damp cloth. Do not use chemicals.
• Clean your tank’s lid with a damp cloth. If you have hard water stains on the OUTSIDE of your tank lid, not the inside, dampen a cloth with some vinegar and scrub. Rinse your lid thoroughly.
• Turn your filters, heater and lights back on and enjoy your beautifully cleaned tank (this one is a must!)


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