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Marineland 20 gallon tank kit review

Well, now that I have had this tank running for months I think it’s time for a review.

What the kit includes:

• LED lights
• A hood
• Hinges for the hood
• Submersible heater
• Suction cups for heater
• Power cord
• Plastic protector for lights
• BIOWHEEL filter rated for 20 gallons
• Filter media
• Free sample of water conditioners and random fish food

So the kit comes with a considerable amount

The price:

Over here is about 100 dollars CAD after taxes. A bit pricey as a couple of those things you could do without or buy cheaper separately than together, but it’s not a big deal.

Good points about these products to point out:

• The heater works very well, it has a sensor that shuts the unit off at the right temperature. It’s completely submersible, seems very durable. It will also heat a cold, empty tank with no fish in it very quickly so it has a lot of power behind it when need be.

• The tank is very well built and sealed, I havent had any tank leaks, cracks or any issues with it. It’s built soundly.

• The hood looks very sleek, it’s visually pleasing, and is rounded instead of geometric in shape. The hood hinges on and is secure on your tank. This item also has an in-built depression for the light with a plastic piece that slides in to protect it from water.

• The LED lights have a night, and day function. It’s very bright but has a low impact on your power.

( I wont mention the filter as I never used it, nor did I use the conditioners or food. It was put in an emergency stash)

The bad points about these products to point out:

• The silicone seal on the tank is sloppy, isn’t visually pleasing but at least it’s thorough.

• The heater suction cups broke within months of use and needed to be replaced (cheaply made!!)

• The hinges of my hood were hard to install and after months of use broke. (It hasn’t even been a year and it broke!!!)

• The hood doesn’t allow the space for multiple filters.

• The hood’s protective slot for the light broke, it also gets cloudy after time and needed to be tossed out.

• The in built slot for the hood doesn’t protect the power cord attachment, it gets water spray on it which if you have hard water gets hard water stain and build up on it.

My recommendation:

Well in all honesty, the hood, hinges and suction cups are garbage. The LED after it burns out finally will have to be replaced with a whole new strip which can get pricey. But the tank itself which is the most solid component is actually solidly built and trustworthy. The heater too is actually really nice. It might be in someone’s best interest though, to buy items separately. If I had a choice I don’t think I would get the kit again. This tank is also weird in size, and needs a special kind of stand. It’s 24 x 12 x 18. I had a custom cabinet bought for it and only one store was willing to do it for me.

My rating:


3/5 stars. Would not recommend it.

How it looked before everything broke:

Just to show the less than 6 month old tank lid and the broken pieces (not even going to bother with the suction cups) :

(broken hood with plastic…)

(broken hinge… with very light use, I open the lid twice a day to feed, and until now once every six days to change the water) It wore out fast

protective plastic slot is broken and clouded from hard water. It’s also a pain to remove and clean!

And here is my new hood replacement, and temporary light solution until I can get a large lightstrip:

Hope this helps you guys out, watch out for products like this. What might work for someone sometimes doesn’t work for others!


Repashy Soilent Green

It’s been about a week since I last updated this blog, and not more than three days since my order of Repashy soilent green was shipped to me from CanadaPleco but it’s here! I was really surprised to find it in the mailbox already, especially since it was shipped via snail mail at the lowest rate possible.

I’ve been really excited to try this product because there’s been some serious buzz about it on the forum and now it’s my turn to give a small review. I’ll start off with a list of pros and cons about this.

What I like about Soilent Green

• Don’t have to worry about my fish getting proper nutrition

You wont need to worry about cooking gel food any longer and worrying about your fish getting it’s nutritional requirements. This product is premixed to meet those requirements.

• Easy to prepare

It seriously takes you two minutes to prepare it. And approximately three hours to chill, but it does congeal rather quickly and well for a product that doesn’t use gelatine.

• Easy storage

A tupperware container doesn’t take up too much space in the fridge or the freezer, and the size of the bag of premixed powder lays flat making it space efficient and out of the way in your kitchen.

• Resealable package

For freshness sake, I really like resealable bags and containers and Soilent Green has taken advantage of this too. Also for the fact that I’m clumsy, I know that if I knock this bag over it wont pour all over the floor (as long as I keep it sealed).

• Can be stored for long periods of time

Keeping your gel food frozen, it can be stored for up to two years!! The uncooked powder as long as it’s chilled can last a year on it’s own before it expires as well!

• Doesn’t make mango floaty

We all worry about the food we feed our fish making him gassy. Mango has always had a problem with gas and air gulping. This food doesn’t aggravate this problem!

• Doesn’t have unnatural, non aquatic ingredients

It doesn’t use animal products like animal hooves found in gelatine. This is a relief because if I can help it, I would rather not feed Mango something that he wouldn’t be able to eat in his natural environment. I feel that this is very important for his well being.

• Mango likes the taste

He gobbled it up and there was nothing left of that square within a couple minutes of dropping it in his tank. (this is probably the most important point of all!)

What I seriously don’t like about Soilent Green

• It stinks something fierce!!!!!!!

My first impressions on the product honestly had to do with the smell. I’m not going to sugar coat it, but it smells horrible. Not only does it smell horrible but the smell is hard to remove from the kitchen.

Putting the smell aside though, if you can stomach it, there are so many benefits to feeding your fish this product that the small con can actually be overlooked.

It’s really easy to prepare:

add one tablespoon of Soilent Green powder into a microwavable bowl.

add three tablespoons of filtered or spring water to the bowl.

mix well.

place it in the microwave and heat it until the mixture boils & mix well.

chill it for 3 hours.

from here you honestly just have to cut it into pieces and serve or store. You can store the powder for a year chilled or two years frozen so it’ll last you a long time and the package is resealable!

I can’t stress enough how great this product truly is. But don’t take my word for it, take Mango’s.