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Dropsy: Mango’s fight

So as I have stated before in a previous entry Mango has mysteriously come down with dropsy. Although I had done an epsom treatment on my little guy it seems it hasn’t been enough to rid him of his problem and it has worsened. It’s very rare that a fish with the beginning symtoms of dropsy will be cured just by epsom, in most cases it will need medical intervention.

As you see from the picture here he is almost in full bloat:

It does break my heart to see such a young fish suffer like this.

Over at Koko’s a wonderful person has offered to ship me some metro-meds (which is a metronidazole enhanced food to feed your fish). I’m still anticipating it nervously in the mail but unfortunately days count and so with a lot of searching at my local fish stores I haven’t been able to find metronidazole for sale on shelves. It was by chance a fish store employee generously offered me some from the back room for the sake of helping my fish and so with the help from those lovely people at Koko’s Goldfish I have concocted a medication to keep Mango from getting worse.

Now I just need to feed this food to him according to his weight! Mango is a hefty 15 grams of pure fishy muscle! (bad joke, I know!)

I have also purchased Garlic Guard for it’s anti becterial and anti parasitical properties and have decided to soak his food in it once a week as a new regimen.

As a side note I have also purchased a new ammonia kit (as I had finally run out) and new suction cups for my heater since my previous ones broke!

Please keep your fingers and fins crossed for Mango and his fight against dropsy!


Repashy Soilent Green

It’s been about a week since I last updated this blog, and not more than three days since my order of Repashy soilent green was shipped to me from CanadaPleco but it’s here! I was really surprised to find it in the mailbox already, especially since it was shipped via snail mail at the lowest rate possible.

I’ve been really excited to try this product because there’s been some serious buzz about it on the forum and now it’s my turn to give a small review. I’ll start off with a list of pros and cons about this.

What I like about Soilent Green

• Don’t have to worry about my fish getting proper nutrition

You wont need to worry about cooking gel food any longer and worrying about your fish getting it’s nutritional requirements. This product is premixed to meet those requirements.

• Easy to prepare

It seriously takes you two minutes to prepare it. And approximately three hours to chill, but it does congeal rather quickly and well for a product that doesn’t use gelatine.

• Easy storage

A tupperware container doesn’t take up too much space in the fridge or the freezer, and the size of the bag of premixed powder lays flat making it space efficient and out of the way in your kitchen.

• Resealable package

For freshness sake, I really like resealable bags and containers and Soilent Green has taken advantage of this too. Also for the fact that I’m clumsy, I know that if I knock this bag over it wont pour all over the floor (as long as I keep it sealed).

• Can be stored for long periods of time

Keeping your gel food frozen, it can be stored for up to two years!! The uncooked powder as long as it’s chilled can last a year on it’s own before it expires as well!

• Doesn’t make mango floaty

We all worry about the food we feed our fish making him gassy. Mango has always had a problem with gas and air gulping. This food doesn’t aggravate this problem!

• Doesn’t have unnatural, non aquatic ingredients

It doesn’t use animal products like animal hooves found in gelatine. This is a relief because if I can help it, I would rather not feed Mango something that he wouldn’t be able to eat in his natural environment. I feel that this is very important for his well being.

• Mango likes the taste

He gobbled it up and there was nothing left of that square within a couple minutes of dropping it in his tank. (this is probably the most important point of all!)

What I seriously don’t like about Soilent Green

• It stinks something fierce!!!!!!!

My first impressions on the product honestly had to do with the smell. I’m not going to sugar coat it, but it smells horrible. Not only does it smell horrible but the smell is hard to remove from the kitchen.

Putting the smell aside though, if you can stomach it, there are so many benefits to feeding your fish this product that the small con can actually be overlooked.

It’s really easy to prepare:

add one tablespoon of Soilent Green powder into a microwavable bowl.

add three tablespoons of filtered or spring water to the bowl.

mix well.

place it in the microwave and heat it until the mixture boils & mix well.

chill it for 3 hours.

from here you honestly just have to cut it into pieces and serve or store. You can store the powder for a year chilled or two years frozen so it’ll last you a long time and the package is resealable!

I can’t stress enough how great this product truly is. But don’t take my word for it, take Mango’s.

what’s in your cabinet?

Well this is my official first post in this blog! I’ll dive right into it!

There’s nothing better in whatever you are spending your time on than being prepared and having the right tools to deal with in any situation. This is how I have always felt in everything that I have gotten involved in. Even now as a new aquarist and goldfish owner I am learning this over and over again with every experience that I encounter. A couple months ago I had barely had Mango for a month. Unfortunately because of my inexperience and lack of knowledge in this hobby I had chosen the wrong decor for my tank.

Now aesthetically the piece was beautiful, a large bonsai tree (made of plastic of course) That took up quite a lot of room in the tank. It was actually meant for terrariums and I had purchased it and stuffed an air stone to keep the water circulating well. The problem was that this decor that I had seriously fallen in love with at the time had quite the texture on it. It was abrasive! Probably for the purpose of lizards to climb on!

Well, with Mango being quite the clumsy swimmer coupled with this horrible ornament in my tank he got injured and scraped his back on one side pretty badly. I felt terrible. He lost scales and although he was swimming like nothing ever happened I knew if I didn’t act fast he could potentially get an infection! Poor little guy! After consulting for some help at Koko’s Goldfish Forum I learned that I needed a few supplies. Going to the LFS (local fish store) I pretty much made it my interest to pick up some supplies so that if I ever got into this situation again with Mango I could be prepared! I picked up bottles of medications and found a great deal on aquarium salt over at Aquariums By Design. I felt great.

So what kind of supplies do I keep? Well, I’ve taken the liberty to photograph my aquarium cabinet! I admit my collection of items isn’t completed yet. I would like to get my hands on some metro meds and other medicated goodies, but it’s a good start for now!

In my plastic blue container:

• API Fresh Water Testing Kit
• Test Tubes
• Syringe (no needle)
• Tube Cleaner Wire Brush
• Extra Thermometre
• Activated Carbon (for the removal of medications)
• Mesh for the filter intake when feeding messy food

Inside my cabinet:

• Plastic Blue Container filled with top items
• Record book
• Pen
• Small Net
• API Aquarium Salt
• 2 Bottles of SeaChem’s Prime
• Mini Cup (for soaking pellets)
• Filter Extension Tube (for water changes only)
• ICHNOX (for treating ICH)
• Dr. Tim’s One and Only Bacteria
• Prazi Pro
• Maracyn
• Food Clip
• Hikari Lionhead Pellets (small sinking pellet)
• Omega One sinking goldfish food (small sinking pellet)
• Bottle of Ammonia GOLDEX Brand (to feed the tank when empty)
• Netted Gravel Vacuum
• Bag filled with extra air stones, air tubing, filter floss and cloths

I can’t stress enough to be prepared for anything that could happen because most problems happen suddenly and fast. The quicker you can react to these sorts of situations the better.