So if you invested in a 20+ gallon tank you are probably wondering what kind of filtration you need to keep that water clean. Filtration has a couple different benefits and I definitely advise against not having one on your tank.

Filters don’t just keep your tank’s water clear and clean. They also cause water agitation which in turn allows for more gas exchange in your tank. The filter also acts as a housing for your bacterial cycle which helps remove chemical waste from inside your tank. So what kinds of filters are there? How much filtration power will I need?

Filtration is measured in how many gallons can by cycled through the filter per hour as a flow rate. Generally the rule of thumb for filtration is 10 X filtration as there is gallons in your tank. For example if you have a 30 gallon tank you are going to need 300 GPH (gallons per hour) rated filter.

What’s the best kind of filter for my tank?

My personal recommendation for tanks is a HOB filter (Hang On Back). The best brand out there to date would have to be the AquaClear series. They’re great filters that are efficient and silent. The next best filtration type I would like to recommend are canister filters which are efficient, powerful and hold a larger volume of water in them. Both are external and fantastic for managing water and waste in your goldfish’s tanks.

Filters I dont recommend for your goldfish are sponge filters to be used as your main source of filtration and internal filters as they take away space that your fish could be swimming in both filtration methods are a lot less efficient than what I had previously mentioned.

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