Goldfish are omnivores. They need both protein and vegetable matter in order to have a balanced diet and benefit from it. It’s important to vary what they neat not only for nutritional purposes but also so that the goldfish are excited for their next meal.

One thing I do not suggest anyone feed their goldfish is flakes. They float at the top causing your fish to gulp air causing them to get gassy and have floating issues. This can harm your fish in the long run as constant floating issues can also be a sign of swim bladder disease (SBD).

Pellets are an important part of your fish’s diet. It should be used as a staple. There are two really good brands on the market today that I would recommend. One is ProGold, the other is Saki Hikari (purple bag).

ProGold can be purchased on goldfish connection’s website here. This is best food available on the market at this time. They use the least amount of fillers and will not only colour enhance your goldfish but promote a safe and healthy growth.

Saki Hikari can be ordered at any chain store. This food uses more filler, but is steps above the rest of the foods on the market that use too much filler and preservatives that could harm your fish in the long run.

Another great thing you should consider feeding your fish is gel food. It’s easy to make and there are plenty of recipes online. Koko’s Goldfish Forum has some great recipes you can try out. Gel Food is probably the best thing you can feed your fish as you control what goes in it. You can tailor recipes to fit your fish’s needs and there will be little to no filler in their food.

There is only one gel food I can recommend that is store bought. It’s called Repashy’s Soilent Green. You can buy it online or ask your local fish store to order it in for you. This has a great combination of vegetable matter as well as protein.

The last thing I would like to mention is feed your fish vegetables! Be sure to feed them fiber rich vegetables that have lots of nutrition like spinach, peas, pumpkin and so on. They can also eat carrots, broccoli (warning that this can give them gas) zucchini, cuccumber and so on. You can buy a vegetable clip for this and place leafy greens there. When feeding them vegetables you have to soften/ blanche them. Put your vegetable into a microwavable container and heat it for 30-40 seconds. Do not cook it further than that as you will cook out all the nutrition. Peas are known as laxatives for goldfish. If your fish is floaty I definitely recommend feeding them this. To prepare peas you can take a pea out from your freezer and thaw it. De-shell it as they cannot digest the tough shell and then chop into bite sized pieces.

It might be beneficial to make a feeding schedule for your fish. Things to consider:

• How much food you are feeding them?
• How many times a day they will be fed?
• What ratio of pellet vs vegetable matter is your fish getting?
• Do you fast your fish one day a week?
• Is your fish floaty?

Keep in mind you should only feed your fish what they can consume within one minute twice a day. Vegetables can be left in the tank for up to 48 hours but pellet food must be removed immediately after feeding as it will foul up your water. It’s advised to actually feed your fish small amounts for about 4 times a day. See what kind of schedule works right for you and your fish. Feed your fish at a consistant time so it knows when lunch is going to be.


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